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StockPlan Version History


April 2nd 2024

New - System Setting 'Use Live History'


A new 'Use Live History' System Setting has been added to the System Settings > Misc page. 

When ticked StockPlan will read all history directly live from the Exchequer system and updating the History from Exchequer via the 'Update From Exchequer' process will no longer be necessary. 


Two big benefits of this new setting are firstly that the history will always be up to date and secondly the 'Update from Exchequer' process should be much quicker as it no longer need include the History.


NOTE - This option is currently only available when using the Microsoft SQL version of Exchequer.


New - System Setting 'Use XLSX'

A new  'Use XLSX' System Setting has been added to the System Settings > Misc page. 

When ticked all Excel Export & Imports will be in the newer XLSX format rather than the old Excel 97-03 format.

New - Stock fields

The recent new Stock fields added in Exchequer v13.3 are now available in StockPlan, including in the Plan List and within the Stock filters. These include new Stock udf fields 11 to 16, Prod Img Text and Ext Stock Code.

New - Purchase Order Creation - Stock UDF Fields

All 16 stock udf fields are now available for inclusion in the Purchase Order Creation screen.

New - Purchase Order Creation - Sort Option

A new 'AvHistQty+StockCode' option has been added to the 'Sort List By' drop down box. This will order items with the greatest Average History Quantity first and then within that by Stock Code.

New - 

Exchequer v13.6  Compatibility

Exchequer v13.6 Compatibility has been implemented.



August 1st 2023

New - Responders Administrator

A new 'Copy' button has been added to the Responders Administrator screen.



April 21st 2023

Change - Purchase Order Creation > Sort List By 

A new option 'Days Avail+StockCode' has been added to the Purchase Order Creation > Sort List By drop down list. 

Change - Reports > StockPlan Report

The Export version of this report now includes the Period Name, Start Date and End Date.

Change - History Screen


The summary section in the top left of the History screen has been extended taller to show more periods.



December 1st 2022

New - User Permissions

Some new permissions were added to control access to the Supplier Shutdowns and Supplier Parameters



January 28th 2022


Responders Administrator > Email Settings

Added new tick option 'Use SSL', tick if you want to use TLS/SSL connection, for example when using smtp.gmail.com server on port 465


Added new tick option 'Use SPA' tick in order to use Secure Password Authentication. Please note that some servers are configured to require the ESMTP Account username to be in rname@domain.com format for SPA authentication


Added new Port setting, you can now set the SMTP Port, the default is usually 25.


* Removed the old Auth Mode setting which has been superceded with the above new options.



December 16th 2020


Exchequer v13  Compatibility

Exchequer v13 Compatibility has been implemented.



October 29th 2020

New  - Purchase Order Creation

The Min Qty Limit and Max Qty Limit from the Options can now be displayed as columns within the Purchase Order Creation screen.

New - Works Order Layouts

A new option has been added to the works order print layouts to print all known Multi-Bins (that have some quantity) below each component item that uses Multi-Bins. This could be useful if you print the works orders/component lists prior to picking to let the Picker know which Bins to consider. 



September 19th 2020

New  - Omit Locations Functionality 

The new STOCK_OMIT list enables stock held at omitted locations to be excluded but the sales history for those same locations to be included.



July 10th 2020


System Setting (Misc page) 

'Always Apply Uplift/Wastage'

If the new 'Always Apply Uplift/Wastage' is ticked, items added to the Purchase & Works Orders creation lists 'back-to-back' from Sales Transactions or Works Orders will have their quantities uplifted by the Uplift/Wastage percentage from the items options (factoring page).

New Works Order Explode Sub Assemblies

When components for sub assemblies are automatically exploded onto the components list of a work order they will now be positioned directly under the sub assembly to which they relate, previously they were appended to the bottom of the list.

 For details on earlier versions please see the Version History section of the StockPlan help file.

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