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StockPlan Version History


November 27th 2015

New Exchequer 2015 R1 Compatibility

Exchequer 2015 R1 Compatibility has been implemented.

New Qty Breakdown button 

A new 'Qty Breakdown' button has been added to the 'Select Exchequer Serial/Batch/Multi Bin' screen, this will drill down to a new screen listing all the StockPlan works orders that have component stock committed from the selected Serial/Batch/Multi Bin.

New Report Layouts

A new Report Layouts menu item has been added to the Maintain menu, this replaces the former 'Modify Layouts' menu items. Selecting the new item will display a new Report Layouts screen from which you can modify the various Form and Report Layouts and also revert a company layout to the global version.

New SQL Optimisations

Added some optional optimisations to improve performance for Microsoft SQL Exchequer installations. 

Change Show Periods On Plans

The maximum 'Show Periods On Plans' option has been increased from 30 periods to 60. Bear in mind higher settings will cause more overhead due to the increased amount of calculations so may slow performance a little.

Change Multi Bins

Improvements in performance when displaying the 'Select Multi Bins' when committing stock from Exchequer Multi Bins to Works Orders. For items with lots of Multi Bins this screen was taking considerable time to appear.



November 24th 2014

New Exchequer V7.0.12 Compatibility

Exchequer V7.0.12 Compatibility has been implemented.



November 7th 2014

New Update From Exchequer - 'Look Back Mths'

A new 'Look Back Mths' parameter has been added to the Update From Exchequer window. When including the History (in Quick Mode) this enables you to specify how far back in time the Exchequer history will be scanned, previously this was fixed at 12 months, it can now be set to 12, 9, 6 or 3 months. The lower this is set the quicker the update should complete.

Bear in mind if the number of months between the date on a transaction through to when it finally becomes history is greater than this setting then it may not get loaded into StockPlan History during Quick Mode.

New Responders

3 existing StockPlan reports have now been made available in the Responders System - Works Order Commitments, Expedite and Shortages reports.

New - Purchase Order and Works Order Creation

A new Make Default button has been added to the bottom left of the Purchase Order and Works Order Creation screens. When clicked it will retain the current status of the Sort and Split drop downs and use those as the defaults for future sessions

New - Supplier Maximum Limits

The supplier limits system now includes maximum limits for value and containers. When using the Purchase Order Creation 'All Auto Planned Suggestions' and the 'Impose Supplier Limits' is ticked on the corresponding Filter screen, then the items added for each supplier will be restricted to their respective Supplier's Max Limits. 

Note where a supplier has both a Maximum and Minimum limit they will both be respected but the Maximum limit will take precedence.

New - Supplier  Maximum Limits

A new warning will be displayed when the Create Orders button is used in Purchase Order Creation if any Supplier breaches any of its four limits (Min Value, Max Value, Min Containers, Max Containers).

Change - System Settings Works Order Processing Page 2

The former settings 'Only Commit Free Stock', 'Auto Commit Components On Order Entry', 'Auto Commit button to only Commit Free Stock' and 'Only Auto Commit Desc Only Items' have been relabeled to make their actions clearer to understand.


Fix Multi-Bins, Serial/Batches

Under certain circumstances if the 'Prompt for .. at Commit' was ticked in system settings was not always being respected. Fixed.



September 10th 2014

Fix Multi-Bins

The Available Qty on the Multi bin selection window displayed when selecting multi bins to be used on a works order was not taking into account the quantities used of that bin on other works orders if the bin code was less than 10 characters long and only if the other works orders had not yet been completed. Fixed.

Fix Remove Imported History

Under certain circumstances the 'Remove Imported History' on the 'Update From Exchequer' window was being ignored. Fixed.



July 10th 2014

New History Import Module

A new History Import module has been added, this enables the import of history from Excel format files directly into the StockPlan history system and can be used along side the history updated in from Exchequer. 

Note this is a separately licensable module.

New - Advanced Criteria - 'where available drops below min cover'

A new advanced criteria 'where available drops below min cover' is now available on the Filter screen and enables you to include all items where the forecast available drops below the Min Cover quantity on any day up to the date you specify in the filter. When using this criteria the planned inbound orders (Purchase & Works) are always excluded.

New - Advanced Criteria - 'where available drops negative'

A new advanced criteria 'where available drops negative' is now available on the Filter screen and enables you to include all items where the forecast available drops negative on any day up to the date you specify in the filter. When using this criteria the planned inbound orders (Purchase & Works) are always excluded.

New - Shortages Report

A new Shortages Report is now available. For each item reported it will list the dates where the forecast available drops below min cover (or drops negative depending on the report options). It only lists the dates when it drops below, it does not list every date where it then remains below but does list further dates where it goes above and then drops below again.

It also lists the next 3 earliest outstanding purchase orders due to arrive. 

Ideally this works best when run with the new 'where available drops below min cover' or 'where available drops negative' advanced criteria's. 

New - System Setting - Edit Quantities in Purchase Packs

A new system setting Edit Quantities in Purchase Packs has been added. If ticked the quantity displayed on the Purchase Order Creation 'Add Manual' and 'Edit' screen will be shown (and input) in the Purchase Units defined on the Exchequer Stock Record. Also the 'Order Quantity' labels on this windows will show the Purchase Pack description.

This enables you to manually add and edit the purchase quantities in their respective purchase units.

For items where the Purchase Unit is 1 or zero this is ignored.

The main POC screen and the rest of StockPlan will continue to show the quantities in base stock units.

Fix Works Order Daybook Export

The Stock Description and Qty Outstanding columns were missing from the export - fixed.

Change Imported History

The previous RetainDate used to retain imported history based on a cut-off date has been removed. Imported history is now always be retained and is only removed if the new 'Remove Imported History' box is ticked on the 'Update From Exchequer' screen. 

Note - Imported History means history imported via the Import Module from Excel files and NOT the history updated from Exchequer via the 'Update From Exchequer' procedure.



June 23rd 2014

New Exchequer V7.0.10 Compatibility

Exchequer V7.0.10 Compatibility has been implemented.

New Filter Criteria

A new 'Exclude items with no Demand && no Qty In Stock' tick box has been added to the Advanced Criteria section of the Filter window. This enables you to exclude certain items which are not relevant when running reports. Particularly useful when used alongside other Advanced Criteria such as 'Where the available days of stock is less than or equal'.

New Works Order Daybook Export

A new Export button has been added to the works order daybook 'List' button drop down menu. Selecting this will export the current list of works orders (obeying the scope of any current filters and quick finds) into an Excel file.

New Default Options

The Default options now include the 'Override Average History' option.

New Works Order Components

A new column has been added to the Works Order components tab called 'Qty Pending', this will display the quantity awaiting to be committed to all other works orders.

Also the box on the bottom of the Plan Screen that was labelled 'Not Committed' has been changed to 'Pending' to fall inline with the new column described above.

Change Works Order Components

The column on the works order components list previously labelled 'Qty Short' has been renamed to 'Qty Outstanding' (occasionally abbreviated to 'Qty O/S'). 

Fix Multi Trial Build

A problem was found whereby if the Multi Trial Build was used from the Works Order Daybook (as opposed to from the Works Order Creation screen) some of the Trial Sequence choices were not respected.

Fix Manual Demands

When using the Filter on the Manual Demands screen, using certain criteria was causing an error. Fixed.

Fix Plan Screen - The 'PO/WO Ords Today' tick box. 

The 'PO/WO Ords Today' tick box under assumptions on the Plan screen was wrongly assuming Sales Orders would also arrive today.  Fixed.

Fix Default Options

The Default options would permit certain invalid entries, the validation has been improved to prevent this.

Fix Update Costs at Commit

When the 'Update Costs at Commit' system setting was used, and an items was batch traced and some of those batches had a cost price in foreign currency then the cost was not correctly being converted to base when used on works orders. Fixed.



March 13th 2014

New Exchequer V7.0.8 Compatibility

Exchequer V7.0.8 Compatibility has been implemented.

New - System Setting 'Update Costs at Commit'

A new 'Update Costs at Commit' tick box has been added to the System Settings > Works Order Processing Tab > Page 2.

If ticked, the cost price on the works order line is updated as you commit it by taking the latest cost from Exchequer (according to the StockPlan 'Components Cost Source' setting). If the item is Batch/Serial traced the cost will be taken from the specific batch/serials committed. The revised component costs are reflected in the total cost of the Bom being built.

Change - Order Schedule Report

The Order Schedule report can now be exported directly into Excel via the 'Export' button on the reports selection window.

Fix - Historical Omissions

If the Components History Method was set to 'Own Sales + 'Used In' BOM History' and historical transactions where individually omitted from a Bom item, these omissions were not correctly reflected in the plans of the components in the Boms build. Fixed

 For details on earlier versions please see the Version History section of the StockPlan help file.

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