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Stock Plan Trial

Try StockPlan Free for 30 Days

You can try StockPlan free for 30 days. This trial uses the full version of the program, the only restriction being that each time you run it you will see a message stating that StockPlan is in Trial mode and after 30 days it will expire and stop running. Should you wish to continue using StockPlan after the trial has expired you may purchase a full license and we will immediately re-enable (the already installed) StockPlan and switch it to a full licensed version.

You can download StockPlan along with installation instructions from the downloads page.


Some processes in StockPlan post information into Exchequer (e.g. Purchase Orders, Stock Adjustments, etc) and so whilst running StockPlan you may be effecting your Exchequer data. Obviously if you are running StockPlan live and have everything all setup this will be what you need, however if you are just trialling StockPlan you may well not want this!

If you are trialling StockPlan we strongly recommend you only run StockPlan with a test copy of your live Exchequer data. If you already have a 'Test' Exchequer Company setup then when you run StockPlan just ensure you select your 'Test' Exchequer company from the StockPlan multi-company manager.

If you do not have a Test Exchequer company setup then you will need make a copy a of your live Exchequer Data from within Exchequer, there are features on the Exchequer Installation CD for you to do this. If you are unsure please contact your Exchequer Reseller for assistance. Once you have your new 'Test' Exchequer Company setup and appearing in the Exchequer Multi Company Manager it will automatically appear in StockPlan.


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