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StockPlan Features


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StockPlan Version 2 Features

StockPlan forecasts your future demand (sales & usage) initially by analysing your history and then applying to this comprehensive options, outstanding transactions and factoring. Using the quantity currently in stock the forecast demand the available stock is then forecast and from that purchase (or works) orders are suggested to ensure your future free stock is maintained within a minimum and maximum number of cover days of stock. With the optional Purchase Order Creation module these suggested Purchase Orders can be displayed in a list where they can be checked and modified then automatically created upon which they will appear as new Purchase Orders in the Exchequer daybook.

With the optional Works Order Processing module the system can become a mini MRP system handling the entire production process.  Forecast (and actual sales) of manufactured items can drive demand for components which in turn can be automatically ordered taking into account lead times, production times and multiple levels of sub-assemblies. Works Orders can be automatically created and trialled with some extensive multiple order trial building functions. The process of committing (allocating) and issuing stock to and from the works orders can be tightly controlled. Component requirements on an order can be modified or substituted at any point, the cost of the item being built will be updated to reflect the components used.



StockPlan Features

     Forecasts your future sales based on sales history averages or trends, customer schedules, annual company/product growth, monthly/seasonal factoring, manual overrides

     Plans you future manufacturing requirements and works orders.

     Plans your future purchases to cover sales and usage based on a Min/Max periodic cover system or min/max quantities with full support for lead times, ship times, minimum order qty's, minimum order multiples.

     Performs full MRP functionality. Starting from the forecasted sales of items you build or buy working all the way down to automatic purchasing of the components to satisfy the requirements to build those items taking into account all lead times, sub assemblies, assembly times, stock on the shelves, stock already allocated, your requested cover stock and much more. All this information is displayed clearly in a presentable and easy to understand way with full drill down throughout to see exactly how the figures were arrived at.

     Comprehensive set of options and parameters to configure the system to work how you want it whilst still being easy and straight forward to understand. These options can provide a logic to enable the StockPlan Planning and MRP engine to suit just about any situation.

     Includes comprehensive Works Ordering system with automatic creation of works orders based on forecasts, back to back works order creation from sales orders, Work In Progress functionality, substitutions, part completions, trial builds, etc.

     Facilities to combine sales historical demand information from several different stock items into a single plan and purchase as a single item. You can assign a multiplier to each source item to cope with the same item being sold under different stock codes as different pack qty's.

     Powerful filters and reporting to let you work with just the items you want to. e.g. all items in stock group 'x' with less than 3 periods worth of stock, or all items from Supplier 'y' that must be ordered by December 2nd 2005. Filters/Criteria can be saved and recalled instantly.

     Automatically creates purchase orders in the linked accounts system (Exchequer)

     Seamless links to the accounts system to extract stock, builds, sales history, etc. With over 10 years experience of linking applications to accounts systems such as those from Exchequer and Sage, we have provided close integration to the linked accounts system.

     Full Multi-Location Stock Support

     Full networked multi-user support with individual user permissions (you can grant/deny certain users access to specific areas of the system) with password based logins.

     Easy to use and highly configurable screens and lists, many of these can include your own choice of columns, sort orders and sizes and these are all retained specific to each user..

     Working periods can be set up as any number of days from 1 to 365 or you can opt to work in calendar months. Each item can have different period settings or this can be sourced from the items stock group, supplier or from the global settings. When viewing the main plan screen you can zoom in and out in terms of period length letting you view the forecast in days, weeks, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly.

     Includes powerful facilities to handle forecasts and demands for new items which have never been sold or built before. For example you can use demand from obsolete items to drive the forecast for new items. You can choose how long this should happen until the plan reverts to the new items own information.

     Quickly and easily remove entire customers past and future demand from the forecasts. In case you lose a customer or a customer decides not to take a certain product the system can plan around this so you do not go overstocked. The customers history is still retained and can be viewed but it simply no longer drives future demand.

 *    Financial planning, in addition to viewing forecasts in terms of quantities you can also view the forecasts in terms of finance. You can view values of historical sales, values of predicted future sales and values of predicted stock holdings throughout the year.

 *    Use the Responders facility to automate reports and emails. Stock & Production statistics can be checked against your criteria and exception reports emailed on a automatic scheduled basis.

 *    Other key features in summary - Multi-Company Manager, Single Location Mode, Reports, Plan Summaries, Back To Back Works Ordering, Trial Build, Import/Export Manual Demand Schedules and Options from/to Excel.

 Stock Forecasting Optional Purchase Order Creation Module




Stock Forecasting Optional Works Order Processing

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