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StockPlan pricing depends on the user break (the number of users you need to concurrently access the system) and the included modules.

The core StockPlan program includes the planning engine (options, plan screen, plan list/summary, user login system, reports, etc) basically everything you need to get planning. We also have optional add-on modules available which are currently the Purchase Order Creation module and the Works Order Processing module. These add on modules are totally integrated and form part of single StockPlan system.

The Purchase Order Creation module takes the planned purchase order information from the planning engine, collates this into an on screen list where you can make manual changes and then at the click of a button automatically create all the purchase orders in the Accounts System.

The Works Order Processing module enables you to create, print and maintain works orders within StockPlan. Facilities exist to create works order automatically based on the information from planning engine, or to create them manually or to create them as a back to back from sales orders held in the accounts system

StockPlan is available in Single User, 2, 5 and 10 users.

We can also provide Annual Update Cover, this is an annual fee we charge which entitles you to free updates to StockPlan. These may be released to provide new features in StockPlan and also to maintain compatibility with future versions of the Exchequer Accounts Software.

Annual Support is also available as is on site training and consultancy.

For more information on pricing or to request a quotation contact Minerva Software or your Exchequer Reseller.


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