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Why tie cash up in stock you donít need to be holding ?

Why lose sales because you did not have enough stock or re-order on time ?

StockPlan Version 2 for Advanced Exchequer


 StockPlan can help you: 

 ►   lower the amount of cash you have tied up in stock.

 ►   stop losing sales due to stock shortages.

 ►   put your time to better use while StockPlan manages your stock, purchasing and production.

 ►   easily view  the entire plan for any item with a highly visual interface


StockPlan forecasts your sales and usage of stock, based on this it then plans orders to maintain you stock level at the optimum level. To maintain this manually can be very time consuming and surprisingly complex hence there is usually a tendency to hold more stock than you actually need. The flip side of this is for some items with accelerating sales, you fail to hold enough,  and due to long lead times you end up loosing sales due to stock shortfalls.

StockPlan with its powerful and proven planning engine and comprehensive options addresses these problems. The benefits are less cash tied up in unneeded stock, no more lost sales due to stock shortfalls, with the whole process of stock management being more automatic and taking less of your time.

StockPlan integrates closely with Exchequer, avoiding the need for any duplicate keying between the two systems. StockPlan reads your stock records and history directly out Exchequer and creates  purchase orders and stock adjustments automatically which will appear in the Exchequer daybooks, saving your company time.

If you are involved in manufacturing StockPlan has an optional works order processing module which combines the power of the planning engine with a comprehensive works ordering system to tackle the most demanding manufacturing processes.

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